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We set out in September with no particular  route or timetable.  The idea was to relax, and  have an adventure.   We spent  six weeks on the road, staying in cheap hotels, and camping in the van.



In the early stages of the trip, Mary sent an email update to some friends.  Fueled by their requests for more, she continued to send updates on more or less a weekly basis.  Here is an excerpt from the first email.


Excerpted from Chapter One....

Caryn decided we should check into a hotel.   After consulting our coupie book, we decided on the Quality Inn, just down the street.   As we pulled in, we saw two police officers near their cars, wiping there hands.   As we pulled to the front of the hotel, the entrance was blocked by two more police cars.   While deciding what to do, a young police officer, wearing latex gloves approached us, and asked if he could help us.   At this point, Caryn saw another officer enter the hotel with his gun drawn.   Mary explained that we were going to check into the hotel, but we were skeptical, given all the police activity.    At this point, the first two officers also were at the van.   They suggested we go down the road to the Fairfield Inn, a “new, clean hotel” .

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Two pro photographers, who decided to take a trip "just for fun".  To see what they really do to finance adventures like this, check out

Mary Schilpp

Caryn Levy


Our mode of transportation was a 1999 VW Eurovan Camper.  This is an updated version of the VW Campervan.  This version has a stove, sink and even a furnace for those chilly nights.

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